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«Indie Nebo» started preparing new material for the 3rd record titled «Stereotypes». Some of the new tracks are already available on our YouTube channel. Check out our new video for «Inside all of us», co-written with our old friend Vladimir Sobolev. We hope our collaboration continues in the future! Soon, a new video shot by video-production studio «Eric ‘N Records» for the track «SMS» will be released. Thank you all, who's reading this right now! It means we're together!

Greetings from Indie Nebo band to our listeners. We are glad to present you some instrumental versions of some of your tracks. Sing along or just listen and enjoy!

«Yes or No» coverFor years, experimenting with sounds and music genres, musicians from «Indie NEBO» finally found a unified vision of their music.
It's hard to pin down «Indie NEBO's» music to one particular music genre. That's why every listener may find something that is close for themselves or may not find anything at all. That is the meaning behind the album's title «Yes or No».

CD-version consists of two compact discs. Albums has over 30 tracks, that were in production for about 5 years.

«Yes or No» inlay

Also, for the first time in music industry's history, the album was released on USB Flash Drive. It contains not only all the tracks from the album, but some remixes in mp3-format, bonus materials as in photos and music videos from «Indie NEBO». It's a simple 2GB USB Flash Drive that can be played on any device that supports USB connection and can be re-written or supplemented with other materials.

«Yes or No» combo

You can purchase this album in any format of your choosing on our «Indie Club» website as well as other CDs and DVDs, or you just can donwload them for free.

Enjoy your listening!

The work on the new album «Yes or No» in finally done.

CD will come out in the nearest future. You'll be able to purchase it in the nearest future through our website.

In the latest edition arrangements of some songs were changed, among them are the following: «Your Eyes», «Fly», «One Life for Both», «This is It», «Faceless people». The album also contains some additional tracks: «We are Together», «Your World», «Towards the Stars» and «My Angel». The album can be downloaded in MP3 format off our media-portal www.indieclub.ru, or you can listen and download each track individually in WAVE format on www.indieradio.ru.
Listen to our new remix on «Sadness» by «Kino».

Synth Radio RussiansSynth Radio and POPmarket present to you a compilation of Russian synth music "Synth Radio Russians"! You'll find there completely new track "Your World"

CD-release of the new album «Yes or No» is delayed due to working on some additional tracks, that would make their way into the album

There are plans to release DVD with some songs mixed in 5.1 format.

From Russia With Love 13On August 17 another bootleg «From Russia With Love 13» was released, and this time Indie NEBO's remix of Depeche Mode's song «Strangelove» made it in. All the information about this bootleg can be found at www.dmremix.be/Bootlegs/FromRussiaWithLove13.htm

Dear friends! We need your support!

Depeche Mode & Beatport are having a contest for the best remix on DM's new single — «Peace».

You can take part in voting for the best remix as a competent critic form May 26 up until June 9

Our version: http://www.beatportal.com/remix/detail/peace-indienebo-remix/

All of the contestants' works: http://www.beatportal.com/remix/contest/depeche-mode-remix-contest/

Dear friends!

Listen and leave comments about our 2 remixes on Depeche Mode songs:

  • Depeche Mode – Dream On (Indienebo.com remix)
  • Depeche Mode – Strangelove (Indienebo.com remix)

Remixes are posted on Belgian site: http://www.depecheworld.com

On October 16th of 2008, after almost two years of work the new «Indie Nebo» album entitled «Yes or No» cointaining 30 tracks on 2 separate CDs was finished. The release is due late January of 2009, but the entire album will be availiable for download in November of 2008 on the band's official site.

Natalya Novodvorskaya took part in recording the album as a back-vocalist, she also provides back-vocals on future live shows.

New album completely changed band's musical image. Band's primary lineup now consists of 3 people: Oleg Madyarov, Sergey Madyarov and Ratmir Aminov.

During the recording period 2 music videos were shot: «Which is what we need...» and video for CD's opening track «Stop». Recording of «live» instruments, mixing and mastering were done in Aleksey Erofeev's «Oberton records» studio. All videos were produced by «Eric’N records» studio.