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«Indie NEBO» is proud to present the release of the long-awaited second album «Yes or No»

September 2011

«Yes or No» coverFor years, experimenting with sounds and music genres, musicians from «Indie NEBO» finally found a unified vision of their music.
It's hard to pin down «Indie NEBO's» music to one particular music genre. That's why every listener may find something that is close for themselves or may not find anything at all. That is the meaning behind the album's title «Yes or No».

CD-version consists of two compact discs. Albums has over 30 tracks, that were in production for about 5 years.

«Yes or No» inlay

Also, for the first time in music industry's history, the album was released on USB Flash Drive. It contains not only all the tracks from the album, but some remixes in mp3-format, bonus materials as in photos and music videos from «Indie NEBO». It's a simple 2GB USB Flash Drive that can be played on any device that supports USB connection and can be re-written or supplemented with other materials.

«Yes or No» combo

You can purchase this album in any format of your choosing on our «Indie Club» website as well as other CDs and DVDs, or you just can donwload them for free.

Enjoy your listening!