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New album, new beginning

November 2008

On October 16th of 2008, after almost two years of work the new «Indie Nebo» album entitled «Yes or No» cointaining 30 tracks on 2 separate CDs was finished. The release is due late January of 2009, but the entire album will be availiable for download in November of 2008 on the band's official site.

Natalya Novodvorskaya took part in recording the album as a back-vocalist, she also provides back-vocals on future live shows.

New album completely changed band's musical image. Band's primary lineup now consists of 3 people: Oleg Madyarov, Sergey Madyarov and Ratmir Aminov.

During the recording period 2 music videos were shot: «Which is what we need...» and video for CD's opening track «Stop». Recording of «live» instruments, mixing and mastering were done in Aleksey Erofeev's «Oberton records» studio. All videos were produced by «Eric’N records» studio.